In every educational institution, schedules are a common need to ensure that classes run smoothly without any hiccups. Therefore, a system is required to ensure that the schedules are planned to accuracy and contingencies are made should an unexpected event occur. Schedules are a combination of logistical and manpower issues of a school. A schedule will usually consist of a room and a tutor who is in charge of teaching a particular session.

 Therefore, most schools will have a system to manage their schedules for them. Such systems, will ensure that each class session will have a location, and a tutor in charge of the particular session. Systems are designed to be error free and efficient and they must not process information with errors. In some schools, a dedicated employee (an IT personnel) would be in charge of maintaining this system and generating the schedule. This employee will ensure that data in the system is updated and that the system will be free from errors. 

The aim for this project is to develop a tutor management system that differs from the rest. We hope to develop and improved version whereby normal users such as teachers, will be able to use the systems with ease. Systems are created to enhance automation, and that is what the team plans to do. We will develop a system which requires very minimal interaction and processes the schedule with ease and accuracy. This system will integrate the resources from the manpower section and the logistical section and automates the process of generating the schedules. We hope with this new innovation of schedules, schools all around the world will benefit from this project.